Dear customer, 

we are very pleased that you have decided to buy a MORXES scooter whose frame is handcrafted in the Czech Republic from stainless Cr-Mo steel using the latest technologies. We trust that you will appreciate the high quality of workmanship, sophisticated geometry, superb driving characteristics and quality components of our scooters. For the perfect driving experience, we have prepared this manual, which contains a number of tips and recommendations. In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your dealer or an authorized bike shop, where they will surely be happy to advise you. We wish you many happy kilometers without any accidents or defects with your scooter MORXES. 

Scooter MORXES provides a guarantee of 24 months, the beginning of the guarantee period is stated in the invoice. The manufacturer is liable for any defects caused by the materials used and ill-treatment, or custom installation. 

Producer is not liable for any damage caused by any structural alterations, repairs or interference in the frame of the scooter or damage caused by use other than the supplied parts, or in the case of using scooters not in accordance with the instructions. The manufacturer does not give guarantee during dangerous and extreme applications, eg. jumping, extreme terrain, riding on a U-ramp and so on.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear (tires, brake components, scratches, etc.) and damage caused by intentional damaging or accidents.







MORXES scooters are delivered so that you can start using it immediately. In the event that you have been sent a scooter in a box, you must follow these steps:

1) Remove all parts of the scooter from the box, remove all packaging material. 

2) Insert the handlebar into the stem and align to the appropriate position. Tighten the screws in the stem and gradually and evenly against each other. Torque is necessary to keep all the screws in and is listed on the stem.

3) Check the position of the brake levers and possibly adjust it to a suitable position according to your requirements.

4) In the case of a model with rim brakes, it is required to stretch the brakes when installing each round by sliding the guide tube brake cable from the caliper brake. In the case of the model with disc brakes, no alterations are required before the wheel montage (spacer adapter needs to be removed from the hydraulic disc brakes). Put the wheel with an axis / quick-insert symmetrically between the fork blades (direction of rotation of the shell should be set according to the arrow marked on the casing), tighten and eventually connect rim brake. Check whether the wheels can rotate freely.

5) If necessary, center the rim brake using the adjustment screws, you can adjust the disc brake using the torx no. 25 or a socket head n. 5. 

6) Mount the basket on the bottle, if it is a part of the scooter. 

7) In the case of scooters designed for driving with a dog, it is necessary to insert a flexible adapter as deeply as possible into the bracket, which is located below the stem and tighten the screws. 


For installation and routine maintenance, scooters need a socket head no. 3, no. 4 and no. 5 


For the MORXES scooter it is prohibited:

1) Exposing the scooter to higher strain than that for which it is designed for.

2) Riding a scooter in two. Riding on a scooter with a child without a child seat.

3) Structurally modifying the scooter in any way (intervention into the frame).


Before every ride it is recommended to check:

- Whether the wheel axis / quick release on both wheels are properly tightened

- That the wheels are properly seated and that they spin, that are properly centered

- Whether the spokes are tightened and are not damaged

- Whether the tires are with no visible defect or damage or if they are not already too worn out and whether they have the prescribed pressure

- Whether the brakes are fully functional and properly adjusted. 

- If all the bolts are tightened


When driving, always wear a helmet or goggles and gloves. Always wear athletic shoes with a firm sole. When driving on the road, make sure that the scooter meets all legal conditions (especially compulsory equipment) and follow traffic rules. When driving in the terrain, be respectfull to nature. The scooter is intended for paved roads and paths, not for off-road. In reduced visibility use the scooter with a light.



Part of the wheel is a hub, spokes, niples and a rim. The wheels are centered, however the tension of the spokes can be loosened after the first few kilometers. Therefore, we recommend that after the first about 200 km check their stress and tighten them. Check the tension of the spokes regularly. 

When using rim brakes, a gradual wear of the rim occurs, which can cause it to rupture. Regularly check the rims to make sure that the braking surface has no dirt or grease. To check the wear of the rim, inspect the groove in the braking surface.

Hubs are fitted with industrial bearings and during normal operation need no maintenance. Replacing the bearings is not part of routine maintenance, in case of their damage or excessive wear entrust your scooter to a specialized bike shop.

Tires must be inflated always according to the prescribed pressure, which can be found written on the side. Change damaged tires immediately. 



All MORXES scooters are equipped with either rim brakes (V-brake, V-brake) or disc brakes (disc), which can be mechanical or hydraulic. Brake levers have adjustable distance between the grips and lever according to the rider's hand size and finger length. To maintain proper brake force it is necessary that the brakes are checked regularly and if necessary adjusted or replace a worn part. Especially for the rim brake, the influence of water, dirt or grease reduces the braking performance. 


Rim brakes

When braking not only wear of the wheel rim occurs, but also wear of the brake shoes. There is also a gradual pulling out of the brake cable. Before every ride you must check that the brake blocks are axially aligned and whether they have sufficient thickness. When significant wear occurs on the brake shoes, they must be replaced with new ones. Tension of the brake cable is adjusted by a set screw on the brake lever. Adjustment and replacement of blocks or brake cables is a regular activity of bike shops. 


Disc brakes

The disc brakes are characterized by excellent braking effect, easy maintenance and resistance to adverse weather conditions and by using them, it does not cause wear to the rim. Brake shoes are replaced by brake pads, the wear must be checked regularly. When braking the wheel heats up, do not touch it immediately after prolonged braking. 

Mechanical disc brakes transmit the braking force from the lever to the plates by means of a brake cable, whose maintenance is identical to rim brakes. 

Hydraulic disc brakes transmits this force using mineral oil. We recommend maintenance (eg. aeration) to be done in a specialized bike shop. Regularly check that the brake hose is not damaged and that its connections with other parts of the brakes are dry.

When removing the wheel, squeezing the brake lever is not recommended, because the brake pads will grip excessively and the wheel can not be deployed without repairs. 



All MORXES scooter models are fitted with a headset A-head. An important part of this control system is the stem, which provides the system in position. 

When removing the control system, you must first loosen the screws on the side of the stem and subsequently the upper screw on the cap of the headset. It is advisable to carry out removal of the scooter in an upright position because a fully unscrewed lid of the headset with its individual components is released and may fall out. 

During the installation, proceed by first tightening the screw cap of the headset so that the head assembly will avoid moving, then compare the handlebars to the correct position and tighten the bolts gradually from the stem. After tightening the screws the stem must not spin against the fork. When tightening the cap of the headset make sure that it is not tightened too much, because it may cause harm.



Some models of MORXES scooters are equipped with a lockable suspension fork (with air suspension), which provides greater comfort on uneven terrain. For maximum efficiency of springing, the fork must be properly pumped according to the rider's weight using a special pump. When air forks are properly adjusted, no excessive bounce occurs during reflection on a flat surface, whereas the fork would work for crossing greater inequality. Opening for the pump setup can be found at the top of the saber fork. 

Properly adjusted forks should lower the rider to about 2 cm, and thereby to the footboard scooter is leveled to a plane. 

Another important setting is the setting rebound, so the fork can adequately process the speed bumps on the ground. Jump is set at the bottom of the right fork according saber according to indicated values. 

Make sure that the sliding surfaces of the upper fork tubes were always clean. It is appropriate to use after water purification fork silicone oil. There are also special oils intended for maintenance of suspension forks. 

Any service interventions into the air forks should be entrusted to specialized bike shops.

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