We enjoy the scooters for many years, we used both types of scooters like the originals and our modified scooters of other manufacturers. Since we were still (even after adjustments) not satisfied, we have decided to move the experience and knowledge into practice. 

At the beginning of 2014 we started developing our own scooters under the brand MORXES. Design form was given, but it was necessary to convert it into functional scooter. Since the alpha and omega of scooters is its frame, we decided to use the best material, which is stainless Cr-Mo (chromium-molybdenum) steel. We followed to transfer the drawing into reality and production of the first prototypes. It was the month of joy, sorrow, improving and errors and endless test runs.

During the autumn we worked out the desired result and we have managed to combine all the qualities that we expect from it, into one scooter.

The frame is made from molded, textured profiles that allow us to use maximum strength of the material (reaching values of 800-1000 MPa). The mechanically resistant frame utilizes extreme strength of the material used. The frame has a load capacity of over 200 kg, while maintaining a comfortable ride eliminating unwanted vibrations. Shape of the construction, with the calculated optimum process of variable torque stress, minimizes frame weight while maintaining high strength. The result is a perfect driving characteristic while maintaining the sleek design.

The quality of the materials and technology used rule. Try it yourself...

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